Toppoly has today announced its success in the development of 7-inch AMOLED display panel which is the largest sized AMOLED panel in Taiwan. The 7-inch AMOLED marks a breakthrough in Taiwan’s AMOLED industry as it is developed based on the advanced pixel compensation circuit, together with Toppoly’s proprietary high efficient white OLED and COA (Color Filter on Array) technologies.

The 7-inch AMOLED is an ideal display for high performance car TV and GPS system, supporting WVGA (800xRGBx480) with resolution up to 135ppi and 262K full color, and featured with Toppoly’s proprietary technologies of LTPS and OLED. The combination of in-house COA together with high efficient white OLED technology could be a better solution than traditional RGB side-by-side OLED in view of higher resolution and larger panel display. And most importantly, instead of using traditional 2T1C pixel design, Toppoly adopts its proprietary advanced pixel compensation circuit to solve the issue of luminance non-uniformity and thus the display quality is improved significantly. This prototype integrates scan and part of source driver ICs onto the panel, it adopts COG (Chip-On-Glass) module design that not only simplifies the designing of end products, but also increases the end product’s reliability with less power consumption.

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