Leadis Technology today announced production volume shipments of the LDS522, a 65K color OLED driver IC with integrated controller supporting 128 (RGB) x 68, 128 (RGB) x 36, and 96 (RGB) x 68 display resolutions. Engineered for mobile phone sub-displays and MP3 players, the device has achieved an initial design-win in the secondary display of a handset for a top-tier supplier.

The LDS522 offers multiple methods for display optimization, including gamma correction, luminance control, temperature variation compensation, and an EEPROM-based adjustment to address panel-to-panel process variation. The product provides a 65K color upgrade to the area-color capable LDS518 and a resolution upgrade to the LDS514 and LDS516, two of Leadis' other 65K color OLED offerings. Integrating 139k bits of full frame memory, an on-chip oscillator, and a DC/DC converter, the LDS522 is a highly-integrated SoC designed to provide vivid and accurate color images across a variety of operating conditions.

In addition, the LDS522 includes programmable display features such as area scrolling, partial display, and color depth selection for enhanced screen performance.

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