Luxell Technologies announced today that, as part of the ongoing business and technical partnership between the two companies, Hyundai LCD recently delivered to Luxell a prototype Enhanced Contrast Ratio (ECR) Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) display incorporating Luxell's patented Black Layer(TM) contrast enhancement technology. This prototype is the first of its kind, and was manufactured on Hyundai's Small Molecule OLED pilot production line.

The device, having a 1.5" display, is the world's first full colour passive matrix OLED display featuring Black Layer(TM) technology produced in a cell-phone capable format and capable of displaying text, graphics and full motion video. Technical details of the visual performance parameters of the device and the manufacturing process used will be disclosed at the 2005 International Meeting on Information Display (IMID'05) in Seoul, Korea, July 19-23, 2005.