Dialog Semiconductor has announced its new SmartXtend(TM) technology that will allow the main displays of many mobile devices - particularly those offering W-QVGA and QVGA resolution - to utilize passive matrix OLED displays rather than LCD or active matrix OLEDs. Passive matrix OLEDs are available at a much lower cost compared to active matrix OLEDs while providing the same advantages in terms of video quality and performance.

The new SmartXtend(TM) technology, which utilizes a number of innovative design techniques including a unique multi-line addressing scheme, accurate dynamic current matching and state-of-the-art power management, will form the basis of a new family of display drivers to be developed by Dialog Semiconductor for passive matrix OLEDs. SmartXtend(TM) is designed to significantly extend the lifetime of passive matrix OLED displays; it reduces the peak current by up to 30 percent and power consumption by up to 30 percent compared to the conventional passive matrix driving scheme.

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