Its no secret that the Shadow Masking Process, widely used today, for OLED production has its resolution limitations. The highest resolution achieved by the process is around 170ppi. AUO has overcome this industry hurdle and revolutionized a pixel design that progresses the resolution of OLED to reach VGA grade standards (640 RGB x 480). AUO will debut this latest technology in its 3" VGA AMOLED prototype with resolution as high as 270 ppi (pixel per inch), bringing OLED resolutions to new level highs. With the added ultra high resolution, the panels are ideal for portable multimedia player (PMP), mobile phones, DSC, and DVC alike. Dr. JJ Lih, Director of OLED Division at AUO noted, " Our revolutionary design has been a breakthrough in dramatically improving resolution levels, without having to increase costs. Not only were we able to successfully improve our 3" AMOLED panel to VGA grade but we've also managed at the same time to maintain contrast ratio to >10,000:1 and fast response time <1ms. These advanced specifications can quench the demand for high resolution high end small-sized consumer applications."

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