Solomon Systech Limited unveiled, SSD1335 and SSD1338, the OLED driver ICs with integrated controller. They have a built-in DC-DC voltage converter, a 16-steps master current control, a 256-steps contrast control for three-color components and embedded SRAM. SSD1335 supports up to 132 RGB x 88 x 18 bits resolution OLED panel and SSD1338 supports up to 132 RGB x 132 x 18 bits resolution OLED panel, which provides 262K color to display.

SSD1335 and SSD1338 also feature 18-bits controller for color passive common cathode type OLED/PLED panel. The ICs also feature contrast setting, column and row re-mapping, programmable multiplex ratio and vertical scrolling. It provides functions such as, “line drawing”, “rectangle drawing”, “copy-&-paste” image, “dimming window” and “clearing window”, etc.

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