Towards the end of 2013 it was reported that TCL plans to invest 24.4 billion yuan (just over $4 billion) to build a new 8.5-Gen TV fab in Shenzhen, owned by CSOT. This fab (called Huaxing Power Two) will have two lines, one for a-Si LCDs and one for Oxide-TFT (55" OLED TV and LCD TV, it seems) panels. The Oxide-TFT capacity will be 30,000 monthly substrates.

Now TCL announced that the company, together with CSOT and the Hubei Science & Technology Investment group will invest 16 billion yuan ($2.56 billion) and build a 6-Gen display fab that will also be used to produce AMOLED displays. It's a bit confusing, but it seems that CSOT aims to use both LTPS and Oxide-TFT for this production. The fab will be used to produce small/medium displays.

It seems that this 6-Gen fab complements their plan to build the 8.5-Gen fab. So TCL/CSOT hopes to build both. The 6-Gen one for small/medium displays and the 8.5-Gen one for TV panels. Samsung Display, by the way, holds a 14.49% stake in CSOT. It'll be interesting to see whether SDC will collaborate with the company on OLED technologies (this seems rather unlikely).

During CES 2014, TCL unveiled a 55" OLED TV prototype. It's highly likely that the company used OLED panels made by LG Display.

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