TCL brings perovskite-QDs enhanced LCDs to market, in a pilot project

TCL collaborated with perovskite QD film developer Zhijing Nanotech to produce 500 75-inch QD-enhanced LCD TVs with Zhijing's PQDF films. This is likely to be the world's first commercial adoption of pQD films in the display industry, as the TVs were sold successfully in China and Zhijing hopes to achieve a mass production design win with TCL in 2021

TCL 75M10 TV with Zhijing Nanotech's perovskite film photo
The company reports that the TVs featured a wide color gamut, 147% BT709 - which is higher than most QD TV's on the market, and higher than TCL's original 75M10 TVs. The green Cadmium-free pQD films have excellent optical properties and offer lower cost compared to current QD solutions, according to Zhijing Nanotech.

Perovskites are highly promising for the display industry, to enable cost-effective QD films and also enable high efficiency LEDs. For more information on perovskites for the display industry, check out our new Perovskite for the Display Industry Market Report, which is a comprehensive guide to next-generation perovskite-based solutions for the display industry.

Posted: Jan 12,2021 by Ron Mertens


What does this have to do with OLED?

It is not related directly, true, but we believe Perovskites are promising materials for the display industry