More details and a video of BOE's new 7.6" foldable AMOLED

Yesterday we reported that BOE unveiled a new 7.6" 2048x1536 foldable (5R bending radius) AMOLED display, and today we have more information and a video that shows this new display.

So the display is 7.56" 2048x1536 (338 PPI) foldable AMOLED, that features a brightness of 380 nits and a color gamut of 100% NTSC. The display is 0.66 mm thick. The video also shows BOE's 6.2" 2992x1440 (537 PPI) notch-type AMOLED and its 13" 8K LCD display.

Here's Asus' 21.6" ink-jet printed OLED Monitor on video

Earlier this month Asus introduced a new OLED monitor, the 21.6" 3840x2160 (204 PPI) ProArt PQ22UC, which uses a ink-jet printed OLED panel produced by JOLED. The following video shows this new laptop which is said to have a remarkable image quality and a portable design:

Asus did not yet reveal the price of its first OLED monitor, but it did say it will ship by the spring of 2018. JOLED announced a few weeks ago that it started commercial production of 21.6" ink-jet printed 4K OLED panels. JOLED's production capacity is not large as the company is still using a pilot-scale line, but JOLED is seeking to raise $900 million to support its plan to start mass producing OLEDs in 2019.

Here is LGD's rollable 65" OLED TV prototype

LG Display is demonstrating its latest prototype at CES, a 65" rollable OLED TV that can roll inside its base when not in use. The video below shows this display in action, although we cannot see how the display actually rolls inside the box which is a shame:

Remember that this is still just a prototype display, and it's likely that LGD has no immediate plans to actually release such a display. Last year LGD said it plans to bring rollable OLED TVs to market by 2020.

Here are BOE Display's latest flexible and foldable AMOLED display prototypes

Last week BOE Display held an official ceremony during which it demonstrated its first batch of flexible OLED panels made at its new B7 6-Gen OLED fab in Chengdu. China Daily posted the video you see below showing the panels on display.

At the video you can see a foldable AMOLED prototype, a flexible display in an edge-type design, a design that seems similar to the one used in Apple's iPhone X and finally several curved OLED prototypes.

Innolux starts producing small flexible AMOLED displays

Taiwan-based Innolux has started to produce flexible AMOLED displays, starting with a round 1.39-inch 400x400 (287 PPI) panel. The new AMOLED is aimed towards wearable (smart-watch) applications and is now in mass production.

It is great to see another display producer entering the OLED market. This is also the first flexible AMOLED on the market besides those made by Samsung and LG Display. Innolux is willing to sell these panels to low-volume customers, contact us for more details. You can also view the full technical specifications of the new AMOLED here.

Changhong demonstrates a wallpaper style OLED TV at IFA 2017

Chinese TV maker Changhong demonstrated a new wallpaper-style OLED TV at IFA 2017. The TV prototype supports 4K resolution and HDR.

Changhong actually has a model name for the 65" TV, 65Q5AZH. The company did not yet reveal this an an actual product nor give any launch estimates, but it did say it will also have a 55" model.