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Meet us next month at OLED Korea 2019!

OLED Korea is an international conference, focused on OLED technologies, organized by UBI Research. The OLED-Info team will attend this year's event, which will take place next month in Seoul, Korea (March 6-7).

OLED Korea 2019 banner (February 2019)

We're looking for an exciting event - and are happy to schedule meetings - so if you plan to attend OLED Korea 2019, do contact us!

OLED-Info's flexible, VR/AR, microdisplays, automotive and graphene OLED market reports updated to January 2019

Today we published new versions of our market reports - that cover the flexible, VR/AR, microdisplays, automotive, PMOLED and graphene OLED markets. OLED-Info provides comprehensive niche OLED market reports, and our reports cover everything you need to know about the niche market, and can be useful if you want to understand how the OLED industry works and what this technology can provide for your own industry. The reports are now updated to January 2019.

The OLED for VR/AR Market Report:

  • Why OLEDs are adopted in almost all VR HMDs
  • What kind of displays are required for VR and AR applications
  • What the future holds for the VR and AR markets
  • Current and future VR and AR systems

The report package provides a great introduction to the emerging VR and AR market, and details the role that OLED displays will have. Read more here!

The best of 2018 - top OLED stories

2018 is soon over - and this has been a somewhat challenging year for the OLED industry. The beginning of the year saw a slump in OLED shipments following disappointing iPhone X shipments, slower adoption in Chinese smartphone brands and delays in OLED capacity increases by OLED makers. Towards the end of the 2018, however, the industry started to pick up but OLED adoption is still expected to be slower than what we hoped for in 2017.

Here are the top 10 stories posted on OLED-Info in 2018, ranked by popularity (i.e. how many people read the story):

  1. Google and LGD developed a 1443 PPI 4.3" 120Hz VR AMOLED display (Mar 12)
  2. Pulse-width modulation (PWM) in OLED displays (Jan 14)
  3. Apple's iPhone wins burn-in test over Samsung's flagship OLED phones (Jan 5)
  4. Samsung Display demonstrates its latest OLED displays at SID 2018 (May 30)
  5. OLED Ink-jet printing market situation, early 2018 (Jan 17)
  6. LG announces its 2018 OLED TV lineup, no big surprises there (Jan 3)
  7. Samsung Display unveils new VR AMOLED displays at SID 2018 (May 29)
  8. Samsung says it will release a consumer Micro-LED TV in 2019 (Jul 22)
  9. IHS: Apple is developing a new LTPO backplane, may introduce it in future iPhones (Aug 31)
  10. LG Display developed the world's first 88" 8K OLED display (Jan 1)

Here's the speaker list for OLED Korea 2019

OLED Korea is an international OLED-focused event, organized by UBI Research, and the OLED-Info team will attend next year's event, which will take place in Seoul, Korea in March 6-7, 2019.

OLED Korea 2019 speaker list

UBI announced the final speaker list for the event, and it seems as if OLED Korea 2019 has a great lineup. We'll be happy to schedule meetings - so if you plan to attend OLED Korea 2019, do contact us!

A new guide to promising perovskite materials: The Perovskite Handbook

The OLED-Info team takes pleasure in recommending our new book - The Perovskite Handbook, which gives a comprehensive introduction to perovskite materials, applications and industry. We believe that any display professional would find that perovskite materials are an area of focus that should not be ignored.

The Perovskite Handbook

Perovskites offer a myriad of exciting properties and has great potential for the display industry. The promising perovskite industry is currently at a tipping point and on the verge of mass adoption and commercialization and the first display-related perovskites are already reaching the market.

The importance of OLED display performance and quality

Recently several display producers in Korea and China started to produce mobile flexible OLED display, aiming to compete with Samsung Display for the high-end part of the smartphone display market.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro Green Tint photo

Some of these new displays suffer from display quality issues - whether from the display itself (as was the case in the first LGD pOLEDs used in the Google Pixel 2 devices) and some from the assembly contacts (which seems to be the case in the Huawei Mate 20 Pro).

OLED Microdisplays now available on the OLED Marketplace

We're happy to announce that The OLED Marketplace is now listing OLED Microdisplays, in addition to the current wide offering of PMOLED and AMOLED displays.

OLED Microdisplays are tiny (usually less than one inch in diameter) displays used in near-eye applications - such as VR/AR, industrial and military applications and more. The OLED microdisplay market is seeing increased interest at these microdisplays can enable much smaller and more efficient VR systems, compared to the current HMDs which use smartphone-sized OLED displays.

The OLED Crowdfunding Arena - a new way to raise funds for OLED companies

OLED-Info is happy to launch The OLED Crowdfunding Arena, a new platform that connects investors with OLED companies seeking funds. Crowdfunding can work as an alternative to, or in tandem with, angel or venture/strategic financing, allowing businesses to obtain a diverse range of value-added capital.

Are you an OLED-related company looking to raise funds?

OLED-related companies are welcome to take advantage of the largest investor base in Europe - coupled with the world's largest OLED community. Attracting funds from within the OLED industry is a great opportunity - let strategic OLED investors become your best supporters!