LG's OLED TV wins CE Week's annual TV shootout for the fourth time in a row

Jul 24, 2017

CE Week held its 13th annual TV shootout, and for the fourth times in a row, LG's OLED TV won. LG's OLEDE7 TV (65") won in all categories - and was crowned ‘King of TV’ in the Shootout.

LG OLEDE7 photo

For the first time ever the shootout included an OLED TV from another maker - Sony's A1E. The Sony TV came close to LG's OLED and won an honorary mention. LG's OLEDE7 TVs cost $3,500 for the 55" model and $4,800 for the 65" model. Sony's A1-E Bravia OLED TVs cost $3,999 (55"), $5,499 (65") and $19,999 (77").

Digital Trends: LG's OLED TV outperforms Samsung's QLED

Jul 01, 2017

Digital Trends posted that interesting flagship TV shootout, pitching LG's E7 OLED TV against Samsung's Q9 QLED TV. Both TVs offer great image quality, and both has their strengths and weaknesses - but Digital Trends says at the end of the day they prefer LG's OLED.

According to Digital Trends, pretty much everybody who looked at these two TVs stacked up against each other chose the LG as the best TV - if by a razor-thin margin. Credit is due to Samsung, who did manage to produce a very bright, sharp and great looking TV though.

Flexbile OLEDs Market Report

DisplayMate: Samsung's Super AMOLED display in the Galaxy S8 is the best mobile display ever

Apr 05, 2017

DisplayMate posted a comprehensive review of the 5.8" Quad HD+ Super AMOLED display used in Samsung's latest flagship, the Galaxy S8. DisplayMate says that this display is the most innovative and high performance smartphone display that they have ever lab tested - and it earned DisplayMate’s highest ever A+ grade.

Samsung Galaxy S8 photo

Samsung incorporated several innovations in this new displays. First of all of course is the "Inifinity" design - the full screen display. This display is also a high-resolution 3K (2960x1440) one and it features a new and accurate 100% DCI-P3 color gamut, certified by the UHD Alliance for Mobile HDR Premium. The native color gamut is actually larger - it has a very impressive 113% of DCI-P3 and 142% of sRGB / Rec.709 gamuts. Samsung's latest AMOLEDs are brighter than before - with a peak brightness of 1,020 nits.

Hands-on review of LG's 65" OLEDB6 TV

Nov 20, 2016

When the nice guys from LG's Israeli public relations office reach out and offer to send an OLED TV for a review - you say yes. Naturally, I graciously accepted and received a new 65" OLEDB6 TV. Here's my hands-on review of LG's new TV.

The OLEDB6 was launched in early 2016, and is actually LG's entry-level OLED TV for 2016, alongside the curved OLEDC6. The B6 features a flat 4K WRGB (WOLED-CF) OLED panel, LG's latest WebOS 3.0 operation system, HDR support and LG's Color Prime Pro technology. The TV does not support 3D, but strangely LG did bundle a couple of passive 3D glasses with the TV. The B6 comes in two sizes - 55" and 65".

DisplayMate: LG's latest OLED TVs are "virtually perfect", the best TV ever tested

Oct 04, 2016

Our friends from DisplayMate posted an in-depth shootout of LG's 2016 OLED TV, the 65" 4K OLEDE6. DisplayMate finds this new TV to perform "exceptionally well" - in fact this TV offers an image quality that is "Visually Indistinguishable from Perfect". This is unquestionably the best performing TV ever tested at DisplayMate.

LG OLED65E6P photo

LG's OLED TV breaks many TV display performance records at DisplayMate: including the highest absolute color accuracy, the lowest screen reflectance , the highest absolute luminance accuracy, and the highest contrast ratio with perfect Black Levels of any TV ever tested. Almost all tests showed improvement over LG's 2015 OLED TVs.

Engadget: The OLED in Lenovo's X1 Yoga is so good, we want OLED displays in all our devices

Aug 29, 2016

Lenovo announced its OLED X1 Yoga laptop-tablet hybrid back in January 2016, and the high-end OLED laptop is finally shipping. Engadget posted a review, and it appears that the display is simply stunning.

The reviewer says that the OLED display simply "blew his mind", and concludes his review saying that "the Thinkpad X1 Yoga is a reminder that OLED isn't just bright and bold, it's a transformative display technology. Now if only it weren't so expensive".

DisplayMate: The Note 7's OLED display is the best mobile display ever tested

Aug 10, 2016

Samsung announced its Galaxy note 7 last week, and our friend Raymond Soneira from Display Mate has published a comprehensive review of the Note 7 display. The Note 7 has a 5.7" 2560x1440 (518 ppi) flexible Super AMOLED dual-edge display - which DisplayMate says is the best performing mobile display ever tested.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 image

This is hardly a surprise - Samsung's OLED displays have been advancing at a very fast rate, and have surpassed the best LCDs on all parameters (except price, that is). Displaymate says that the major display enhancements introduced in the Note 7 include a new wider color gamut and new HDR mode specifically for 4K videos and a record peak brightness of over 1,000 nits.

Hands on review with Workrite Ergnomics' Natural OLED desk light

Dec 28, 2015

Towards the end of October 2015, Workrite Ergonomics launched their first OLED lamp, the Natural OLED desk light. The Natural uses a single 320x110 mm OLED panel produced by LG (the N6BB40C panel). This panel offers 442 lumens at 13.7 W (32 lm/W), a high CRI (94) and a neutral white light - 3900K. The lifetime of the Natural is rated at 30,000h (LT70) at the lowest brightness setting. The Natural is now shipping for $239.

Workrite ergonomics OLED lamp photo

The nice guys at Workrite were kind enough to send us a desk lamp for a review here at OLED-Info. I gave the lamp to our very own Roni Peleg to try out and write this review, which you can read below.

A public shootout in the UK shows that OLED outperform the best plasma TV ever

Nov 15, 2015

TV testing website HDTVTest, UK retailer Crampton and Moore and Leeds Trinity University teamed up to do a public TV shootout, pitching two new OLED TVs (Panasonic's upcoming TX-65CZ950 and LG's 65EF9500) against Panasonic's TC-P60ZT60 plasma TV, which is considered the best plasma TV ever made.

Panasonic TX-65CZ950 photoPanasonic TX-65CZ950

The three TVs were calibrated and then displayed the same scenes in front of 28 AV enthusiasts - who voted for the TV that delivered the best picture quality. After disqualifying two voting papers, only 3 voted for the plasma TV - the rest of the votes were split almost evenly between the Panasonic and the LG OLEDs. That represented a 88% vote in favor of OLED technology.

DisplayMate: LG's OLED TV outperforms Samsung's best LCD in nearly all categories

Sep 22, 2015

The display measurement experts at DisplayMate posted a very interesting article comparing LG's 65" 4K OLED TV (the 65EG9600, which costs $5,999) and Samsung's top of the line 65" 4K LCD (the UN65JS9500). DisplayMate performed dozens of tests, comparing those two high end TVs in several scenarios.

DisplayMate OLED TV vs LCD TV (black levels, Sep 2015)Black level comparison, OLED (left) vs LCD (right)

DisplayMate finds that the OLED TV outperforms the LCD in all the tests - the only category in which the LCD outperformed the OLED was brightness with average picture level higher than 25%. Specifically the OLED offers a higher contrast, a higher color accuracy, much better viewing angles, faster response time and higher power efficiency.