UBI says 99.1 million AMOLEDs were shipped in Q1 2017

May 29, 2017

UBI Research says that AMOLED revenues reached $4.31 billion in Q1 2017, up 15% from Q1 2016. In terms of units sold, UBI says that 99.1 million AMOLED panels were shipped - up 9% from Q1 2016. Obviously this means that average price per panel is up - probably because most of the growth came from higher-end flexible AMOLED displays and larger OLED TV panels.

AMOLED sales forecast (2017-2020, UBI Research)

Looking forward, UBI says that in the next quarters over 100 million AMOLED panels will ship - and over 300,000 OLED TV panels. The total AMOLED maket will grow at a CAGR of 33% - and reach $59.3 billion in 2020.

IHS: OLED TV shipments to reach 10 million 2023, but growth will decelerate

May 19, 2017

IHS says that OLED TV shipments will reach 10 million units in 2023, up from about 1.5 million in 2017. The OLED TV market will grow at a CAGR of 42% from 2017, but the growth will decelerate as can be seen in the chart below.

AMOLED TV shipments forecast (2015-2023, IHS)

The high costs of producing OLED TV panels will remain a challenge and will be the main reason why production of OLED TV panels won't accelerate in the near future. Producers are looking into ink-jet printing as a way to lower production costs but the soluble emitting materials are still under performing and also the production yields are still low. IHS says that OLED makers are aiming to start mass printing OLED TV panels by 2019.

OLED Microdisplays Market Report

LG Display reports a record quarter, increases OLED investment

Apr 27, 2017

LG Display reported its financial results for Q1 2017 - with a record operating profit of just over $900 million as the selling price of its display panel increase.

LG Display says that the company is increasing its investment into OLEDs (going forward 70% of its capital expenditures will go to OLED production and R&D), and is also increasing production of OLED TV panels. The company is currently making about 300,000 OLED TV panels in a quarter, but this will be increased to 500,000 in the second half of 2017.

The OLED Handbook, 2017 edition

Mar 28, 2017

I'm happy to announce the seventh edition of The OLED Handbook, the most comprehensive resource on OLED technology, industry and market - now updated for 2017. The OLED industry grows and changes very fast, and the new edition include new details on the OLED mobile display market, Apple's OLED plans, new production fabs in China, OLED TVs, flexible OLEDs and more.

Reading this book, you'll learn all about:

  • OLED technology and materials and production processes
  • How OLEDs compare to LCD displays
  • OLED TVs, flexible OLEDs and transparent OLEDs
  • The OLED lighting industry
  • The future of OLED displays and lighting and the challenges ahead

The book also provides:

  • A history of OLED development
  • A guide to OLED investment
  • A comprehensive list of OLED companies
  • A list of existing and planned AMOLED fabs
  • OLED lighting roadmaps
  • An in-depth look into flexible OLEDs and OLED encapsulation

The OLED handbook has been read by hundreds of display engineers, business developers, researchers, equipment vendors, OLED material companies, private investors and others who wished to learn more about OLEDs today and in the future. I truly believe that it is the best introduction to OLED displays and lighting!

IHS: flexible AMOLED revenues to surpass rigid OLEDs in Q3 2017

Mar 27, 2017

IHS says that demand for flexible OLED is sharply increasing and in Q3 2017 the company expects revenues of flexible OLEDs to surpass those of rigid OLEDs for the first time.

AMOLED shipments 2016-2018 (rigid vs flexible, IHS)

Flexible AMOLED revenues in Q3 will reach $3.2 billion while those of rigid (glass-based) OLEDs will reach $3 billion. Flexible AMOLED revenues will continue to climb throughout 2018 and reach about $4.5 billion in Q4 2018. Revenues of rigid OLEDs will actually start declining in 2017, according to IHS - which is a bit of a surprise, even if average panel price will decrease. Rigid OLED shipments is rising even from existing fabs as yields are improving.

Solomon Systech reports strong growth of PMOLED display driver sales

Mar 15, 2017

Solomon Systech announced it financial results for 2016, and the Hong Kong based display IC maker reported strong growth of its PMOLED display drivers in 2016, following strong demand from the wearable market.

Solomon Systech AMOLED and PMOLED drivers at SID 2016

Solomon Systech also announced several new design wins for its PMOLED display drivers with "world-renowned brands of wearable health and fitness devices". In January 2017 the company shipped its millionth SSD1306 PMOLED driver, the best selling OLED driver ever. The SSD1306 has been introduced in 2008 and is (according to Solomon Systech) the de-facto PMOLED module design standard.

DSCC sees 1.2 billion mobile AMOLED displays produced in 2021, SDC's market share to drop to 63%

Mar 10, 2017

Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC) released some very interesting information regarding the mobile OLED market from its recent OLED market report by Yoshio Tamura and Ross Young. DSCC expects mobile AMOLED demand to grow from almost 400 million panels in 2016 to almost 1.2 billion in 2021.

AMOLED shipments by smartphone brand (2016-2021, DSCC)

Samsung Electronics, who's already using AMOLED displays in almost 80% of its smartphones will not increase its AMOLED orders by a lot, but shipments will grow dramatically to other players led by Apple, Huawei and Oppo.

OLED-Info's flexible, automotive, VR/AR, microdisplays, transparent and graphene OLED market reports updated to March 2017

Mar 08, 2017

Today we published new versions of our market reports - that cover the transparent, automotive, microdisplay, VR/AR, graphene and flexible OLED markets. OLED-Info provides comprehensive niche OLED market reports, and our reports cover everything you need to know about the niche market, and can be useful if you want to understand how the OLED industry works and what this technology can provide for your own industry. The reports are now updated to March 2017.

The OLED for VR/AR Market Report:

  • Why OLEDs are adopted in almost all VR HMDs
  • What kind of displays are required for VR and AR applications
  • What the future holds for the VR and AR markets
  • Current and future VR and AR systems

The report package provides a great introduction to the emerging VR and AR market, and details the role that OLED displays will have. Read more here!

Trendforce: AMOLED prices are climbing due to supply constraints

Mar 02, 2017

Trendforce released a new analysis on the mobile memory and displays markets, and the Taiwan-based market research company says the price of AMOLED panels started to climb in the second half of 2016 following the supply shortage of these displays.

Samsung GS7 and GS7 Edge at MWC photo

Trendforce also estimates that OLED prices will continue to rise throughout 2017 - probably as the supply shortage and high demand for OLED displays is not expected to change during the year.

The 2nd International TADF workshop, July 2017, Kyushu, JapanThe 2nd International TADF workshop, July 2017, Kyushu, Japan