eMagin reported strong Q1 2022 financial results

OLED microdisplay maker eMagin reported its financial results for Q1 2022, with a strong quarter. Revenues were $7.4 million (up 9% from 2021), as production increased 27% compared to 2021. The company's operating loss declined to $1.2 million ($2 million in Q1 2021), and its net loss was $0.1 million ($1.3 million adjusted for changes in warrant liability).

eMagin SXGA OLED-XL microdisplay photo

eMagin reported strong bookings, and an open orders backlog of $13.6 million.

SolOLED secures $250,000 to develop novel TADF emitters

UK-based SolOLED secured 200,000 GBP (almost $250,000 USD) in new funding from Scottish Enterprise to commercialize its novel OLED TADF emitter materials. SolOLED is launching a collaborative research project with CENSIS to commercialize the materials.

SolOLED was established in 2021 in the UK, to develop a family of novel solution-based TADF OLED emitter, based on technology that originated from the University of St. Andrews.

Updates on Royole's current financial situation

Last month we updated that Royole is in financial problems, and that it needs a new injection of cash in order to continue its operation. A new update from China suggests that some employees did not get paid for over 5 months. This has changed in the past week, and Royole is now paying the salaries.

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But Royole's financial woes are likely not over. According to this new report, from 2017 to 2020, the company's revenues amounted to only $77 million, while its loss reached almost $500 million. The report also detailed Royole production: 7,748 units in 2018, 314,000 units in 2019 and 48,600 in the first half of 2020. Actual shipments were much lower.

UDC reported excellent financial results for Q1 2022

Universal Display reported its financial results for Q1 2022, with revenues of $150.5 million and a net income of $50 million. UDC's results were better than expected as the adoption of OLED displays increases in AR/VR, smartphones, foldables, TVs, IT and automotive markets.

UDC RGB PHOLED materials photo

UDC reiterated its estimation that it will be ready to introduce a commercial blue PHOLED material to the market in 2024.

Visionox plans to establish a $1.6 billion OLED module production line in Hefei

Visionox announced plans to build a new flexible and foldable OLED module production line, in Hefei. Total investment in the new project will amount to 11 billion Yuan (around $1.6 billion USD), and Visionox will receive financial assistance from the local government.

Visionox started trial production at its M4 flexible OLED module factory in Guangzhou in late 2020. The company's 2nd OLED line is located in Hefei and is already mass producing panels.

Samsung Display reports $6.3 billion in revenue in Q1 2022

Samsung Electronics reported its financial results for Q1 2022. Revenues hit a new record of 77.78 trillion Won ($61.2 billion USD) and the operating profit was 14.12 trillion Won ($11 billion USD).

Alienware AW3423DW photo

Samsung Display's revenues were 7.97 trillion Won ($6.3 billion USD) with an operating profit of 1.09 trillion Won ($900 million USD). Samsung says its mobile display earnings improved from 2021, led by strong demand for OLED smartphone displays and growing adoption of OLED displays in laptops and gaming devices.

Reports from China suggest Royole is facing financial problems and is halting its operations

According to reports in China, Royole did not yet manage to obtain enough customers for its flexible OLED displays to fund its business, and the company requires a new injection of cash in order to continue its operation.

Royole has started mass producing flexible OLED displays back in 2018 at its Quasi 6-Gen fab in Shenzhen, and has since announced plans to build a new fab in Qingdao. Royole developed innovative OLED technologies and devices, and demonstrated several innovative displays, but it seemed it did not manage to find large actual customers for its displays.

The Korean Government may give new tax benefits to encourage further OLED investments

Business Korea is reporting that the Korean Government may designate OLED technology as a "national strategic technology", which means that companies will be given tax benefits, to encourage further investments and R&D in the OLED industry.

This new designation was proposed by the Korea Display Industry Association and the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy. Currently there are 34 national strategy technologies in Korea, including EV batteries, advanced semiconductors and vaccine technologies.

Universal Display reports its financial results for Q4 2021, hopes to have a commercial blue PHOLED by 2024

Universal Display reported its financial results for Q4 2021. Revenues for the quarter were $146 million, while net income was $46 million

Universal Display PHOLED materials photo (2020)

UDC's 2021 revenues were a record high of $554 million, with a net profit of $184 million. UDC expects the OLED industry to continue to grow in 2022, and the company believes its revenues in 2022 will be between $625 million to $650 million (an increase of 12% - 17%).

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