IDTechEx sees plastic-based OLEDs as the next evolution of OLED displays

IDTechEx released a new flexible OLED display market report, in which they say that the next evolution of OLED displays is plastic and flexible displays. They see fast growth in such displays, with sales reaching $16 billion by 2017. The first flagship flexible display will ship in 2017.

Not all OLEDs will be plastic-based, and this will especially be true for TV applications. In fact, IDTechEx sees OLED TVs also growing very quickly - with a projected 42% CAGR in the next ten years (this will be the second fastest growing OLED application after automotives).

IDTechEx sees a $1.3 billion OLED lighting market in 2023

IDTechEx released a new OLED lighting report (OLED vs LED lighting 2013-2023) in which they analyze the OLED lighting market, and compare it to the LED market. The company says that in the "most likely" scenario, the OLED market will grow to $1.3 billion in 2023.

According to IDTechEx, there are two main issues with OLEDs. First of all the performance: LEDs last much longer (typically 50,000 hours compared to 5,000-15,000 in current OLED panels) and they are more efficient (90-100 lm/W compared to OLED lighting which is currently at 20-50 lm/W). Personally I think this gap will close in time. LG Chem for example are expected to release new panels in July 2013 which will feature 80 lm/W and 20,000 hours (LT70).

IDTechEx sees a $10 billion OLED display market in 2013, will reach $25 billion in 2017

IDTechEx expects the OLED display market to reach $10 billion in 2013 (up from about $6 billion in 2012). The market will grow to about $17.5 billion in 2015 and will reach $25 billion in 2017.

IDTechEx OLED display market 2013-2017 chart

The company expects only 1% of all OLED displays will be made using a printing process in 2018, and this will grow to 14% in 2023. Similarly, 1% of displays in 2018 will be flexible - and this will grow to 12% in 2023.

OLED-Info readers get a 35% discount for Printed Electronics USA 2012

The Printed Electronics USA 2012 conference, organized by IDTechEx will take place on December 5-6, in Santa Clara, USA. The event includes world class speakers, several masterclasses and an investment summit, and is also co-located with the graphene-live and photovoltaics USA 2012 conferences.

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New Barrier Films for Flexible Electronics report, OLED-Info readers get a discount

IDTechEx has released a new report, titled "Barrier Films for Flexible Electronics", which is aimed for those developing flexible electronics, seeking materials needs and opportunities. The report focuses on flexible OLED displays and organic photovoltaics.

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Record Attendance for Printed Electronics USA 2007

IDTechEx are delighted to announce today that Printed Electronics USA conference and exhibition in San Francisco, November 14-15 is now the World’s largest event on the topic by many parameters. With 3 weeks to the show there over 45 confirmed exhibitors and more than 400 registered delegates. The targeted figure of 500 delegates on the day is likely to be smashed.

New for 2007 will be the “Printed Electronics Products” demonstration area, designed to show the huge range of products which are already in the market place. These will include everything from printed displays used already in commercial advertisement posters to commercial e-paper readers from Sony to cosmetic skin patches from Estee Lauder – all powered today by printed electronics. Delegates will be able to see what products are already in the market and how developers have achieved success – often by creating new markets.

The event is purposely held in San Francisco to ensure accessibility to many companies and universities working on the topic who delegates can meet through hosted tours.

Discolsure - OLED-Info is a media partner of the event.

Illuminating the OLED Lighting Roadmap

Dr Peter Harrop Chairman of IDTechEx gives us a roadmap for OLED lighting:

Little progress is expected in improving the efficiency of incandescent or fluorescent lighting. They are yesterday’s products. As we noted, OLED lighting is already much more efficient than incandescent lighting and it will surpass fluorescent in 2008. Markets will open up for versions on flexible substrates in particular, because installation cost is so low and the format is so versatile and appealing. However, capital cost of long life white versions below that of conventional lights will not be on offer in mass production until around 2016 unless further major breakthroughs are made. In late 2006, OSRAM forecasted that the first major sales of OLED signage will be in 2008, though not with all the intended attributes.

Read more in the attached document. 

OLED Progress on a Broad Front

Here's a short article from IDTechEx, written for OLED-Info:

In the world of printed and thin film electronics, OLEDs appear to have the most potential for many years to come. This is because they are as relevant to lighting and signage as to moving colour displays. OLEDs have been early to commercialization with sales of hundreds of millions of dollars yearly already.

...Nokia, the world's largest mobile phone company and, separately, the US Air Force are assessing the various OLED technologies with a view to using them...


All these organisations will present at the major international conference on the subject "Printed Electronics USA". It takes place in Phoenix Arizona, December 5-6 with presentations from Japan, Taiwan, Germany, Austria, France, the UK, Israel and elsewhere.

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Organic Electronics - A $30 Billion Business in 2015

New research by IDTechEx finds that organic electronics will be a $30 billion business by 2015 mainly due to logic/memory, displays and lighting. The report, entitled 'Organic Electronics Forecasts, Players & Opportunities 2005-2025' indicates that this could rise to $250 billion by 2025, with major sales from logic/memory; OLED displays for electronic products; OLED billboard and signage; non-emissive organic displays; as well as lighting, batteries and photovoltaics.

Almost all of these products will be flexible, laminar constructions which are printed using the same or similar processes.

Atomic Force Microscopy for next-gen OLED processesAtomic Force Microscopy for next-gen OLED processes