LG to show a 55" 8K OLED TV prototype next month at CES 2015

According to C|Net, LG Display developed a 55" 8K (7680x4320, 160 PPI) OLED TV prototype panel, and the Korean company will show this prototype next month at CES 2015.

LG 55EA9800 smart menu photoLG 55-inch FHD OLED TV

This panel, which has a total of 33.2 million pixel and a brightness of 500 nits, has over 20 display drivers ICs inside (apparently these were developed in collaboration with NVidia), and was already produced in early November. LG is actually planning to commercialize this display, even though many people will argue that it doesn't make much sense to have such a high resolution in a 55" display. A nice technical achievement by LGD in any case.

SEL and sharp show a 13.3" 8K (664 PPI!) AMOLED prototype

As we reported back in February, SEL and sharp unveiled a 13.3" 8K OLED prototype. This ultra high density (664 PPI!) display uses SEL's C-axis-aligned crystalline oxide semiconductor (CAAC-OS) backplane.

SEL's previous 13" CAAC-OS OLED prototype featured 326 PPI. But that lower-resolution panel was flexible. This new panel uses white OLEDs with color filters. SEL adopted micro cavities to narrow the wavelengths. The display features a 84% NTSC color gamut (rather low for an OLED). Each OLED pixel is driven by five transistors and one capacitor (5T+C) - there are almost 500 million pixel transistors in this display.

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