Supply constraints slow down LG Display's OLED expansion plans

According to reports from Korea, supply chain issues are slowing down LG Display's OLED production expansion plans, and key components cannot be secured.

LG Display Guangzhou OLED TV fab ceremony photo

According to the report, the delivery times of some components have more than doubled, and Korean equipment makers cannot produce and supply the production systems that LGD requires. Only 9% of components used in equipment makers in Korea are produced in Korea.

LGD has several projects, including an OLED microdisplay project, an expansion of its OLED module factory in Vietnam, mobile AMOLED expansion, and also a potential 8.5-Gen IT OLED display production fab. We are not sure yet how these projects are effected.

It could be that the same supply chain issues are also harming Samsung Display's OLED project, but we have no information on that yet.

Posted: Jun 30,2022 by Ron Mertens