Sumitomo Chemical unveiled new flexible PLED lighting panels. These structured panels (they have a patterned printed on them) are produced in an ink-jet printed process. Sumitomo showed several lamp prototypes, including the one shown below:

Sumitomo plans to start volume production of such panels by March 2015 (fiscal year 2014) - using both ink-jet and roll-to-roll processes. They still need to extend the lifetime of their panels, improve the luminance performance and improve their production yield rates.

Sumitomo Chemical planned to start mass producing OLED lighting panels in 2012, but that never materialized. The company did show several prototypes already, including color-tunable panels back in 2012. Later in 2012 Sumitomo joined the Holst Centre's flexible OLED lighting program, I do not know whether this new prototype shown today uses the technology developed with Holst.

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