Sumitomo Chemical announced it will exhibit its latest PLED lighting panels at the Light+Building 2016 event next month. Sumitomo's booth's director is the world-renowned Japanese lighting designer Motoko Ishii.

Sumitomo OLEDs, 2014 L+BSumitomo OLEDs, 2014 L+B

Sumitomo will show a large OLED installation (five by five meters in size, and 3.6 meters high) that symbolises a garden in the sky and is named OLED JARDIN.

Sumitomo also participated in the L+B exhibition in 2014, showing PLED lighting panels as well. Back in 2014, the company said they will start marketing their panels in April 2014, but that plan never materialized. It'll be interesting to see Sumitomo's latest panels and hear about their updated plans.



Sumitomo- Unheralded innovation

Sumitomo has been working with Kateeva & that's a great tandem- They are going to surge forward in popularity and reputation for mid tier major OLED fabricators very soon. Echoing the sentiments at the post's end - It will be very interesting to see how far along Sumitomo is,relative to commercially available OLED wares.

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