STMicroelectronics has unveiled their latest power management chip aimed for AMOLED (and Super-AMOLED) display - the STOD03A. The new chip has an improved performance (compared to the STOD02). ST says that only six external components are needed to complete the power-supply circuitry, making the STOD03A the most attractive for handset builders.

The STOD03A uses highly efficient synchronous operation for both voltage outputs, achieving up to 85% overall efficiency for longer overall battery life. Other power-saving features include automatic pulse-skipping operation for low power consumption at light loads, and a true shutdown mode drawing less than one microamp activated through the enable pin (EN). ST has achieved its high performance using its Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI) technology as part of its latest-generation BCD fabrication process, which enables analog, digital and closely spaced high-power circuitry to be built on the same chip.

Key features of the STOD03A:

  • 3 x 3 x 0.6mm package dimensions
  • 4.6V fixed positive output voltage
  • Programmable negative output voltage from -2.4V to - 5.4V
  • 200mA output current
  • 1.5MHz operation allowing small external components
  • Enable pin to control shutdown mode
  • Accurate output voltages with low cellular noise

The STOD03A is in full production now, in the 12-lead DFN12L package, priced at $0.80 for quantities of 1000. Alternative pricing options are available for larger quantities.

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