On view were prototypes of a wall-sized, 82-inch BRAVIA flat-panel LCD and a 27-inch Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) display capable of full HD performance (1920x1080) in a razor-thin form factor. Sony also showcased 11" OLED TVs.

"The prospect of mass production of the panels for smaller size OLED TVs is close to be cleared, and development on the panels for middle / larger-sized is currently under development. "

Engadget has some interesting photos, including some technical details -

27" - The resolution is 1920x1080, the contast ratio is greater than 1,000,000:1 (!), brightness : all white 200cd/m2, peak greater than 600cd/m2. Colors - 10 bit RGB.

11" - The resolution is 1024x600, same characteristics.

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