Universal Display (UDC) logoIdemitsu Kosan and Universal Display Corporation today announced that they have signed an agreement to extend their collaboration to accelerate the development of phosphorescent OLED materials for use in displays fabricated through dry processing methods, such as vacuum thermal evaporation. The agreement expands the collaboration into red and green phosphorescent OLED materials, in addition to the blue materials that the two companies have been collaborating to develop since December, 2006.

In order to further expand the market for phosphorescent OLED devices, blue phosphorescent OLED materials need to be more fully developed and the quality and lifetime of red and green phosphorescent OLED materials should continue to improve. Therefore, Idemitsu Kosan and Universal Display have agreed to extend their collaboration into red and green phosphorescent OLED materials, in addition to continuing their work together on blue phosphorescent OLED materials. The collaboration is focused on matching Universal Displays phosphorescent emitters with Idemitsu Kosans phosphorescent hosts and other OLED materials. Through this collaboration, both companies expect to improve efficiency and operational lifetime of their respective phosphorescent OLED materials, which in turn should help accelerate the spread of phosphorescent OLED displays and lighting products.

Idemitsu Kosan has been developing OLED materials for middle and large size panels jointly with Sony Corporation (Sony) since 2005, and Universal Display also has been working with Sony since 2001. Idemitsu Kosan and Universal Display expect the results of this collaboration to be utilized for the OLED material development for Sony products.


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