Sony unveils a new monochrome 20.5" OLED monitor for the medical industry

Sony unveiled a new 20.5" monochrome OLED monitor for the medical industry. This monitor offers 2048x2560 resolution, high luminance, wide viewing angle, high contrast and deep, rich black reproduction (the black level is less than 0.001cd/M2 and 500 cd/M2 luminance). The monitor isn't available yet, and apparently it doesn't have a model number yet.

Sony is already offering the full-color 25" Trimaster EL PVM-2551MD medical monitor, which has recently received FDA approval for use in surgery (the first OLED panel to do so). It costs €6,000 (which is 50% more expensive than the equivalent LCD monitor from Sony).

A couple of months ago Sony announced that they already sold over 15,000 professional OLED monitors. When we discussed OLEDs with Sony's OLED product manager back in February 2012 he said that the OLED fab at Nagoya Japan is running at full capacity.

Posted: Nov 27,2012 by Ron Mertens


Amoled displays msut be perfect for X-ray and other see through techs for the medical industry because oled displays have much better resolution in black-white and white-gray pictures than backlit LCD ever can have.

Sony revealed prototype of a 24" color OLED monitor in CES 2003. Where it is and where I can buy it? Yes, I've waited too long for this technology.