Last week we reported that Sony will unveil two professional OLED monitors at the Hollywood Post Alliance Tech Retreat (14-18 February in Palm Springs, California). Today someone sent us the conference's Demo-Room presentation, and indeed it includes an OLED Demo by Sony - showing a new BVM-E250 - which is a 25" (if Sony will keep its naming convention) professional OLED monitor. Here's the slide:

That's all the info we have currently. It'll probably be a very expensive monitor. The BVM-L231, which is a 23" LCD monitor (and will be shown together with the E250) costs $21,500.

We don't think that the BVM-E250 is Sony's 24.5" glasses-free 3D monitor unveiled at CES (which should also be available during 2011) - as the BVM-E250 does not support 3D as far as we know. Sony will demonstrate three technologies side by side - CRT, LCD and OLED. You'll see moving pictures and reference test patterns and can compare display accuracy, pixel speed, color gamut and black level performance.

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