Sony sold over 10,000 TriMaster EL professional OLED monitors

We just found out that back in April 2012 Sony announced that it has sold over 10,000 professional OLED monitors in the TriMaster EL range. Sony introduced the monitors in April 2011 in Europe and already sold over 2,000 units there. When we discussed OLEDs with Sony's OLED product manager back in February 2012 he indeed said that the OLED fab at Nagoya Japan is running at full capacity.

Sony offers several monitors in several sizes (from 7.4" to 24.5") and in several series (BVM-E, BVM-F and PVM). Sony's OLED monitors provide a superior image quality compared to LCDs, and the cost difference is not so large because in these premium products the cost of the panel itself is a small portion of the total product cost. Sony also offers a medical grade 25" OLED monitor (that recently started shipping), you can see it in the new video above.

Posted: Jul 27,2012 by Ron Mertens