Sony shows a new OLED-based light weight attachable display module for eyewear applications

Sony announced a new single-lens attachable OLED-based display module for eyewear applications - which can turn any glasses into Google-Glass like smart devices. Sony aims to mass produce this display module in 2015, and will offer it to a wide variety of customers - eyewear makers, electronics makers and enterprise device developers.

Sony concept OLED eyeWear module photo

In this concept device, Sony adopted their new 0.23" 640x400 (nHD+) OLED microdisplay unveiled in June 2014. Sony says that the OLED display enabled the module to be compact and light. The OLED is coupled with a micro-optical unit optimized for the OLED display. The projected image's diagonal angle of view converts to 13 degrees, which is equivalent to the field of view for a 16-inch display 2 meters in the distance.

The Display unit weighs 40 grams (22 grams for the display arm and 18 grams for the secondary arm). Sony is developing a software development kit (SDK) for this display module in order to facilitate application development.

Posted: Dec 18,2014 by Ron Mertens