Apr 01, 2010

We just learned that Sony is set to announce their next-gen OLED TV, a 104" OLED TV with Full-HD, 3D TV support. The TV also supports Wi-Fi and will display the latest news from OLED-Info when turned on. The FOOL-401 (Flexible Opaque Organic-LED) model will cost $999. Sony provided us with a photo of the new TV:

Sony's OLED panel is actually transparent and flexible (it's only 0.01mm thick!) and we can expect a rollable, transparent TV from them in around April 1st next year.

We have talked to a Sony Rep that confirmed the TV. "We're really excited to announce this TV today. OLEDs are so great, we'd be fools not to sell this TV. And for such a foolish price!. There were rumors that Sony are pulling out of OLEDs, but these are just foolish suggestions".

We'll keep you updated about the official release later today!

Update: We hope you had a nice April Fool's day!


Nice, April Fools.

u suck.  this fake news story on 4-1 will haunt the web for years I bet.  (and you didn't even wait until midnight on 3-31 to post it).

Come on. It's an obvious joke. I don't think it'll haunt anyone.

And it's already April 1st here in Israel ;-)

Well, it may be a joke today, but I certainly expect it to be real within 10 years (or preferably less!)


foosl hd haha

I almost beleive you. nice April Fools !!


for the moment the only OLED part isn't under 100$ for a small part, LG TV 15" for 3000$....

A 104" for 1000$ i buy 10 now !!!!! i hope that will be true fastly.



its 04.01 date

nice hint

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