Sony to launch consumer OLED TVs within 3-4 years?

According to Sony Gulf managing director Osamu Miura, the company plans to launch consumer OLED TVs within 3-4 years. It's been a while since we heard any Sony executive discuss OLED TV plans. The company is also working towards glasses-free 3D TVs and 4K technology products - which will also be introduced within the next 4 years.

Sony 24.5-inch OLED prototype

Back in CES 2011, Sony has unveiled a new OLED TV prototype - a 24.5" panel that supports glasses-free 3D. It was reported that this Sony will launch this product for the professional broadcasting market in 2011, which didn't happen (although Sony does offer 24.5" 2D OLEDs for this market).

Posted: Nov 22,2011 by Ron Mertens