Sony's third-gen HMD adds optional wireless functionality (although you still need the battery unit), HD audio (virtualized 7.1-channel), micro-HDMI and MHL connectivity and better lens and software that improve the image quality (the displays themselves are the same Sony-made 0.7" 1280x720 OLED microdisplays used in the HMZ-T2).

The HMZ-T3 is now shipping for $999.

OLED type: 

Dual 0.7" 1280x720 microdisplays



Still not Full HD

It's sad Sony stuck to ancient HD-Ready resolution in HMZ-T series, especially now that Ultra HD is on the way in the industry in general.

Oculus Rift

WTF Sony, really 720. Please get here soon Oculus Rift and put this POS in its place.


I've tried both and one is for watching HD movies in 3D, the other is for being immersed in pixels in 3D. I know which was the more enjoyable experience. Low res. VR is great if you don't mind throwing up after using it...