The HMZ-T2 is Sony's successor to the HMZ-T1 head-mounted-display (HMD) - actually it's a minor upgrade. It uses the same Sony-made dual 1280x720 0.7" OLED microdisplays and the main changes seems to be a different design and reduced weight.

The HMZ-T2 is set to launch on October 13 in Japan and will cost ¥70,000 (almost $900).

OLED type: 

0.7" 1280x720 microdisplays




Sony must hate make money for some damn reason. 1280x720, really. There are far better micro display available then what’s housed in this POS. I do not want to hear how it’s not noticeable. I can tell the difference between 720 and 1080. That why I sent the money on a 1080 display. Also, then why waste money on research for 4k display if were unable to notice the difference.


resolution for eyes is 2 x (1280x720) = 2560x1440.

lol, no. Can't just add them

lol, no. Can't just add them together like that.

HMD with higer resolution?

Do you have a link to an HMD with a higher resolution?

Cinemizer OLED or upcoming Ocolus Drift have even lower resolutions.

How much do they cost, i

How much do they cost, i wonder? Head tracking headsets like the Oculus don't have to have high res screens anyway. Our vision works by having a small circle of high res cones in the center of our vision, anything out of that small circle is a blur. We move our eyes to center our vision on what we are looking at. A tv is different, we center our vision on all parts of the screen, so it all has to be high res. With something like oculus, you move a joystick or move your head to look, keeping your eyes fixed at the center of the screen, which through the opitics it uses keeps the center of the field of view at a higher res. For a headset for movie watching, you would want a complete high res display. The ultimate  would be a high res headset with switch in optics for imersion mode.

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