Sony's DSC-KW11 is a selfie-oriented digital camera that looks like a perfume bottle. Features include a 19.2 mp camera, f/2 2 mm wide-angle lens (that can be rotated) and a 3.3" AMOLED display (1,299K dots).

The DSC-KW11 will ship in Asia in October 2014 for about $845.

OLED type: 

3.3" AMOLED, 1299K subpixels


1520x855 pixels  in 3.3" screen,  528ppi,  good!

Sorry for the confusion: in digital cameras, makers usually report the number of "dots" and they mean subpixels. So this is probably a 416x285 display (152 PPI)

Thank you for your explanation. But one pixel shouldn't be 9 subpixels. So it's probably 877x494, 305ppi.

Yes, you're right of course,e I divided by 9 by mistake ;-)

Do you know who is the panel supplier? Earlier there were rumors of Sony using in house OLED panel for Z3X. 

It's SDC. I thought that Sony rumor about the in-house panels for the Z3X is highly unlikely.

JDI or JOLED r still possible candidates 

No, they do not produce commercial AMOLEDs yet, and will probably not do so before 2016

the resolution of this panel is not reported yet...

The main problem of the device is not anything about the AMOLED, but the device itself:

"a selfie-oriented digital camera that looks like a perfume bottle"

who needs that in general and how many of these people will afford it for $845?

That this shall actually become a Sony product is very sad news.


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