Sony demonstrates a large Crystal-LED based outdoor display

In 2012, Sony demonstrated a new micro-LED based display technology called Crystal-LED. These displays use ultra-fine RGB LEDs to create a self-emitting display. Sony actually demonstrated a prototype 55" Full-HD Crystal-LED TV.

Sony never mentioned this technology again, but last week during the InfoComm trade show, Sony unveiled a large tiled outdoor 9.75 x 2.74 meter 8Kx2K display based on Crystal LED technology (Sony calls this display Canvas Display, or CLEDIS).

According to Display Daily's reported, the image quality is stunning. This is a tiled display, but almost seamless. The pixel pitch is 1.2 mm, and the emitting area is only 1% of the pixel area - which means that 99% of the module is black - which enables very high contrast. Each module is 403x453 mm in size with a resolution of 320x360. Peak luminance is 1000 nits. The color gamut is 140% Rec 709, and the display operates at 120 fps.

Posted: Jun 13,2016 by Ron Mertens