Sony's BVM TRIMASTER EL OLED professional monitors are aimed towards high-end cinema and broadcast applications. The E171 (17") and E251 (25") are updates to Sony's E250A and E170A monitors introduced in 2013.

Sony BVM-E250 and BVM-E170 photo

The updated monitors add ITU-R BT.2020 color space emulation, include S-Gamut/S-Gamut3 and S-Gamut3.cine support, S-Log 3 and S-Log2 in SDR and a new a flicker-free mode. The BVM-E251 also adds a 24VDC input in addition to the traditional AC input. The monitors are also thinner and lighter than the previous generation.

Sony’s BVM-E171 and BVM-E251 were announced in September 2016, and are planned to be available in January 2017.

OLED type: 

17" / 25" AMOLED



I'm still waiting on

I'm still waiting on reasonably priced consumer OLED monitors - Can't imagine how much these are going to cost. Does oled-info know if any monitors are on the way yet? Or do we still have to pray something appears at CES 2017?

20-24" really available vs 30" vapourware

I suspect Dell will reannounce its OLED monitor UP3017Q at CES 2017, then again at CES 2018, etc. Or they’ll (or, more likely, another vendor) eventually figure out that it’s better to really release a smaller-size (20-24-inch) affordable OLED monitor than 30-inch vapourware. ^_^

Good news is that we at least already have some OLED laptops really available on the market (though still just one of them — HP x360 13t — is available via Amazon for now).

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