Sony and Panasonic to collaborate on OLED TVs?

Yesterday we reported that Panasonic wants to find a partner for OLED TV development, and today Reuters reports that the company is already in talks with Sony. The two companies want to share their technologies, with an aim to start producing TVs by 2015.

Sony 27-inch OLED prototype (2008)Sony OLED TV prototype

In the last couple of months it was reported that Sony will buy OLED TV panels from LG Display, AUO and Samsung, or maybe develop its own OLED TV technology. So now a Panasonic collaboration joins the rumor mill. Hopefully we'll know soon who's Sony's real partner on OLED TVs... One possible explanation is that Sony will buy OLED panels in the short term but also seeks to make its own in the long term.

Posted: May 15,2012 by Ron Mertens


2015?!!! i have been waiting for 10+ years already, this is really annoying

For Sony and Panasonic it was pretty obvious, they're way behind in terms of OLED tech compared to Samsung and LG. But by then you'll have cheap Samsung's and LG. ;)

i'm exactly in the same boat. still rocking CRT monitors and projectors because of these disastrous developments in the last ~10 years. this "HD era" is really pathetic and clearly shows the way forward... dumbing down consumers more and more...

also see Wii U - "it's going to be HD". so?! what the fuck is that even supposed to mean?! a damn C64 could have put a couple of pixels onto a HD resolution panel had they had those displays back then.