Sony A9G

Sony's A9G is the company's flagship OLED TV for 2019. Available in 55", 65" and 77", the A9G offers "consumer reference-quality image" and features Sony's X1 Ultimate Picture Processor, Pixel Contrast Booster and an automated calibration mode (including a dedicated mode for Netflix).

Sony A9G photo

The A9G features Sony's Acoustic Surface Audio - which means that the TV stand doubles as a high end speaker. The TV is based on the Android TV OS.

Sony's A9G costs $2,499 for the 55" model, $3,299 for the 65" model and $5,999 for the 77" model.

OLED type:  

55" / 65" / 77" WRGB OLED

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Posted:   Jan 08,2019 by Ron Mertens