Solomon Systech announced that it has shipped over 200 million units of its SSD1306 PMOLED driver. The company believes that this is the best selling OLED driver ever. The SSD1306 has been introduced in 2008 and is (according to Solomon Systech) the de-facto PMOLED module design standard.

Solomon Systech SSD1306 OLED drivers photo

Solomon Systech says that is has a market share of over 50% of the global PMOLED display driver IC market. The SSD1306 is the world's first OLED driver IC with built-in charge pump, which means that external DC / DC converter and associated passive components are no longer necessary. The SSD1306 also features programmable frame rate and multiplexing ratio, as well as screen saving continuous scrolling function in both horizontal and vertical direction which enables smooth content display. It can connect to different MCU interfaces, including I2C, 8-bit 6800/8080-series parallel interface, 3/4-wire serial peripheral interface and more.

In May 2016, Solomon Systech demonstrated several OLED drivers at SID 2016 - including drivers for PMOLED, transparent PMOLEDs, AMOLED displays and OLED lighting panels.