Solomon Systech reports strong growth of PMOLED display driver sales

Solomon Systech announced it financial results for 2016, and the Hong Kong based display IC maker reported strong growth of its PMOLED display drivers in 2016, following strong demand from the wearable market.

Solomon Systech also announced several new design wins for its PMOLED display drivers with "world-renowned brands of wearable health and fitness devices". In January 2017 the company shipped its millionth SSD1306 PMOLED driver, the best selling OLED driver ever. The SSD1306 has been introduced in 2008 and is (according to Solomon Systech) the de-facto PMOLED module design standard.

In May 2016, Solomon Systech demonstrated several OLED drivers at SID 2016 - including drivers for PMOLED, transparent PMOLEDs, AMOLED displays and OLED lighting panels.

Posted: Mar 15,2017 by Ron Mertens