Solomon Systech demonstrated several OLED drivers at SID 2016 - including drivers for PMOLED, transparent PMOLEDs, AMOLED displays and OLED lighting panels.

The SSD2355 was announced in 2015, and this is the world's first single-chip OLED lighting driver. It can drive several OLED lighting panels at the same time, and it has a wide dimming depth - which is demonstrated in the video below (the panel on the right is driven using a regular LED driver).

Solomon Systech SSD2355 OLED lighting driver at SID 2016

The SSD1313 driver on display was shown driving a small round transparent PMOLED display, produced by Truly Semiconductors.

Solomon Systech transparent PMOLED driver at SID 2016

Solomon Systech AMOLED and PMOLED drivers at SID 2016



OLED drivers

Regarding this development... What took so long.

As we approach the 30th anniversary since OLED tech came about we have been using ILED drivers. I'm with the OLED advocacy crowd saying:we are tired of having to make do with hand me downs- the innovation seen in this instance is long overdue!

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