Ireland-based OLED IP company Solas OLED announced that it has filed a new patent infringement lawsuit in Germany against Samsung Electronics.

Samsung Galaxy S21 range photo

Solas did not disclose the exact patents related to this lawsuit, but the company says its patent portfolio "covers all critical areas of OLED structures, display design and architecture, and driver circuitry", and that Samsung is using the company's inventions in various devices, such as smartphones, watches and tablets.

Solas says it has some cases already pending against Samsung before the International Trade Commission and before the US District Court in Texas for patent.

In November 2020 we reported that Solas prevailed in its patent infringement action in Germany against LG Display, LG Electronics and Sony - and the case was later settled when LG Display signed a license with Solar OLED. Solas dropped two lawsuits it filed in the US against Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics. In 2020 Solas OLED has also filed a lawsuit in the US against Apple for OLED stack patent infringements.

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