A few days ago Sony announced the new PS Vita (PHC-2000, or Vita 2013). This new device uses an LCD display that replaces the OLED used by the original PS Vita. Both screens are 5" 960x544. Now someone took a couple of photos comparing the two devices. Here's on of those photos, the original OLED is on the top:

PS Vita, OLED vs LCD photo

On this picture it seems as if the OLED is better, but on the other picture it's not so clear.Hopefully we'll get some reviews of the new Vita with a display comparison to the older device. I think it's highly likely that Sony opted for an LCD either to save costs, or simply because Samsung does not have enough capacity to supply them with a relatively large (5") OLED panel at the moment.

Update: It appears that Sony says an LCD panel can now "realize an image as high quality as that of the OLED panel" - and it allowed them to slim down the console. This is very strange as OLED displays are thinner than LCDs.



What a pity! OLED is much

What a pity! OLED is much better, at least Sony should use Triluminos Display with the new PSVita.

Yes you was right about it was a pity!

I seen photo on this site of comparing the two device so I note seen top one of OLED screen look much better then newer one of LCD and it look the colour wash out, old and not so sharp as OLED one!

I don't think new PSPVita will not selling well!

Yeah. Sony will fail for

Yeah. Sony will fail for badly back to LCD because LCD is much worse color than OLED. OLED is natural color while LCD not.

Dude, really? You write about

Dude, really? You write about OLEDs all day long, yet you don't have the knowledge to realize that Sony is lying their asses off?! There is NO way an LCD could provide better picture quality than OLED, simply because of the way the technologies work (unless maybe a company creates really, really bad OLEDs that for some reason have a "base emission" on all pixels and thus reduce the contrast). And you should know that.

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