UK's SmartKem, a developer of high-performance organic backplanes for flexible displays, signed a 3-year collaboration agreement with the UK CPI institute to support customer pre-production prototype development that use the company's tru-FLEX TFTs.

SmartKem recently completed a €3 million series A funding round from BASF Venture Capital, Octopus Investments, Entrepreneurs Fund and Finance Wales. Towards the end of 2014 the company opened a new OTFT fabrication facility in Manchester, that will enable the company's partners to co-develop flexible OTFT-based products - in the display and sensor industries.

In November 2013, SmartKem announced that they signed a joint-development agreement with a major Asian display OEM. Under the agreement, SmartKem and the display maker will customize Smartkem's p-FLEX organic semiconductor inks for solution-based flexible TFT backplane technology.

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