Skyworth has been producing OLED TVs since 2014, and the China-based TV maker has now unveiled its latest two OLED TVs, the S9E and the Wallpaper OLED TV. The Wallpaper one resembles LG's Wallpaper OLEDW7 TVs and also use a design that enables hanging the 3.6 mm screen on the wall and connecting the input box via a cable.

Skyworth Wallpaper OLED TV photo

Skyworth's Wallpaper OLED TV will cost ¥99,999 ($14,500) for the 65" model - which is almost double than LG's OLEDW7 ($7,999)!

Skyworth S9E OLED TV photo

Skyworth's S9E OLED TV use a special design that keeps all connections in the bottom box to enable a very thin screen. The S9E will cost ¥40,000 ($5,800) for the 65" model and ¥168,888 for the 77" model ($24,500 USD).

These new OLED TVs use LG Display's WRGB 4K OLED panels. According to reports last year some of Skyworth's previous OLED TVs used panels produced by BOE Display. Skyworth did said in the past that its main problem with its OLED lineup is that LG Display cannot supply them with enough panels, especially the 65" ones, so it's possible that the company aims to have a second supplier - even though BOE's OLED TV production capacity is very limited.

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