China-based Sigmaintell Consulting says that shipments of AMOLED-based smartphones slid 13.8% in China in the first half of 2017. A total of 37.4 million such phones were shipped, with the top two vendors being Oppo (13.8 million units) and Vivo (13 million units) accounting for 71% of the market.

Vivo X9s photo

Sigmaintell says that shipments fell compared to 2016 because some vendors (including Oppo) opted for in-cell LCD displays over OLED displays.

Sigmaintell says that demand for OLED panels in China will surge in the 2nd half of 2017 and the main smartphone vendors are trying to secure enough panels as the AMOLED market is still in an over-demand situation.

Atomic Force Microscopy for next-gen OLED processesAtomic Force Microscopy for next-gen OLED processes