A post on a Korean site (Pulse News) quotes an unnamed SDC official that stated that SDC will reach its goal of 400 million AMOLED panels in 2016, and aims to ship more than 550 million AMOLED panels in 2017 - a 35% increase. SDC is aiming to meet demand for OLED panels from Chinese phones makers (and, probably, Apple too).

Small OLED market value (2015-2019, IHS)

Pulse News also presents the charts above, sourced from IHS. The company sees revenues from OLED shipments rising from $10.6 billion in 2016 to $11.8 billion in 2017. IHS shipments estimates are 455 million for 2017. This is rather a low estimate compared to other reports we've seen, as IHS seems to be forecasting sharp decreases in average panel price as the massive increases in capacity do not translate into much higher revenues.

The official further said that shipments to Chinese phone makers currently amount to 28% of SDC's OLED output (or about 85 million panels in 2016, up 70% from 2015). The korean company aims to reduce its OLED reliance on its parent company Samsung Electronics which is currently at 68%. Samsung Electronics' share is expected to drop below 50% in the near future.

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