Fukuoka, Japan

Work with synthetic chemists and computational chemists to design new material targets, improve OLED devices testing, fabrication and analysis, collaborate with research institutes and organic electronics partners.

Duties and responsibilities

We are looking for a recruit to contribute to the development of new OLED materials in a multidisciplinary environment for OLED applications.

  • Provide expertise to improve OLED devices test, fabrication and analysis and presentation of device data.
  • Contribute to partnerships with research institutions and organic electronics companies
  • Keep track of market / business trends, awareness on marketability of new product developments.
  • Design of new targets, in collaboration with synthetic chemists and computational chemists.
  • Report regularly on research activities in written and oral form to scientific peers and management.
  • Working in interdisciplinary teams to innovate new material concepts in devices.
  • Work closely with our multidisciplinary team to realize our commercial goals.
  • Planning and supervising activities in our synthesis laboratories
  • Documentation and remaining current on the latest research results.


  • PhD in material science or related field with expertise in modern organic electronics device fabrication, testing and analysis
  • years of relevant experience in industry or academia in material science or related field
  • Strong knowledge of device fabrication and testing techniques
  • Multidisciplinary (semiconductor physics and organic electronics) is a plus.
  • Strong communication skills in English and Japanese; Chinese and Korea are a plus
  • Positive and energetic personality.
  • Independent but flexible and able to work in teams to achieve common complex goals.
  • Focused and detail oriented.
Contact details:
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