Two of Samsung's new AMOLED cameras have started shipping yesterday. The MV900F is now shipping for $350 (with an 8GB memory card, tripod, case and a spare battery). The MV900F is a digital camera that sports a display that can flip to face forward and enable self portrait photos. The camera features an 4/2.5-6.3 5X zoom lens, Wi-Fi, 16.3mp sensor, 1080p video and a 3.3" WVGA AMOLED.

The second camera to ship is the EX2F - for $499 The EX2F is a high-end compact digital camera sporting bright f/1.4-2.7 lens (24-79mm, or 3.3X), 12.4mp camera, Wi-Fi, a full-size hot shoe, dual image stabilization, top ISO of 12,800 and a 3" swivel VGA AMOLED display. The camera has full manual controls, RAW image option and Full-HD (1080p @30fp) video.