According to Amazon, the Galaxy S3 is now shipping for AT&T for $189.99 (including a contract of course). I think that's the first carrier to actually ship this phone in the US. The Galaxy S3 US model has a 4.8" 1280x720 HD Super AMOLED (with Pentile), a dual-core 1.5Ghz CPU, 2GB of RAM and an 8 mp camera (1080p video) and lot's of new software features. The phone weighs 133 grams and is only 8.6 mm thick.

The S3 pre-order numbers were very strong, and it seems that Samsung has another winner at their hands, we'll be sure to hear from Samsung about actual sales numbers soon.




Great read! I am excited to get my phone in a few days. I have a Galaxy S that I have had a great time with, so I trust the brand. Many of my friends have LTE phones and love the service, so I’m looking forward to using the new network as well. I stream movies and TV shows to my current phone quite a lot using the Dish Remote Access app. I stream from my Sling Adapter-connected receiver to my phone most while I’m on my way to work at Dish, so I’m sure LTE is going to work wonders with the app!

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