Updated: it turns out that the 85" bendable TV prototype is an LCD, but Samsung indeed also shows smaller (55") bendable OLEDs.

Yesterday we reported that Samsung unveiled a 85" bendable TV prototype at CES, and at that post I assumed that this was an LCD panel. But I'm happy to be mistaken - it's actually an OLED, as you can see from Samsung's booth photo clearly saying this is a bendable OLED TV:

It actually seems to me that those OLED TVs in the photo above aren't so big - it seems to be around 55" in size and not 85". So perhaps these are different prototype, I'm not sure, but now it seems likely that the 85" prototype bendable TV is also an OLED.

In any case this is great news and it's good to see Samsung unveiling a new OLED device (even if just a prototype). LG also unveiled a bendable OLED of their own - a 77" 4K one. Samsung by the way, was granted a US patent that describes bendable TVs.



Sorry, thats wrong. Its a 55"

Sorry, thats wrong. Its a 55" bendable OLED prototype, but also a 85" LED bendable prototype. 

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