Update: according to new reports, the OLED-A was wrong and Samsung are still using a Shadow-Mask to fabricate Super AMOLED HD displays

The OLED Association published a very interesting paper discussing Samsung's and LG Display's efforts to scale OLED production to large size panels (specifically 55" OLED TVs). In the article, they say that Samsung will use an LTPS substrate with a SMS (Small Mask Scanning) method, while LGD plans to use an Oxide TFT and Kodak's White OLED with color filters architecture. We already reported about Samsung's SMS method a few weeks ago.

Production of AMOLED panels at Samsung (photo)

The article includes a very interesting comparison of the different deposition methods (FMM, LITI, SMS, Printing and LG's RGBW). They also claim that the new display in the Samsung Galaxy II LTE HD was produced using LITI.




When it was Pentile, the real resolution will be approximately 205ppi, Galaxy s2 has 217ppi. It means Samoled HD will be nothing spectacular .

The link to the paper appears

The link to the paper appears to be broken.  

Yep - it seems that the

Yep - it seems that the OLED-A removed the article...

And now the link is back

And now the link is back up...

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