Samsung working on Super AMOLED 2 displays for a new flagship phone?

Update: Samsung officially announced their new display, and it's called Super AMOLED Plus.

There are some very interesting reports about an upcoming flagship Android phone from Samsung coming in February 2011. The most interesting bit is the large (4.3" or 4.5") sAMOLED2 display - apparently Super AMOLED 2. Back in July 2010, Samsung announced that they plan to soon double their AMOLED displays' efficiency, lifetime and power consumption. Perhaps the Super AMOLED 2 is the result of that research.

Other features of this new phone include a 8mp camera (capable of Full-HD 1080p), 1.2Ghz processor, 14.4Mbps HSPA, Bluetooth 3 and 16GB of onboard memory. And it runs Android Gingerbread. This is all un-official yet, and in the above slide (which is said to be from Samsung) the photo is of an old VOiP phone which is strange.

There are also some new reports about the upcoming Google phone: apparently it will be called the Nexus-S, and have a Super-AMOLED display. There aren't a lot of details yet.

Posted: Nov 12,2010 by Ron Mertens