Samsung Electronics' TV chief, Kim Hyun-seok, says that Samsung will not release any OLED TVs in 2014 or in 2015. Samsung will focus on UHD TVs, and also may release Quantum-Dots enhanced LCDs next year.

Back in January 2014, a Samsung executive was quoted saying that OLED manufacturing issues have been more significant than previously though and that cheap OLED TVs are still 3-4 years away. While Samsung did not abandon the OLED market as some suggested, the company is still struggling with the technology.

LG, on the other hand, is going forward aggressively with OLED TVs. In response to Samsung's declaration, LG's spokesman says that LG will "put everything into OLED as we are confident that it will replace LCD as the TV standard in the coming years".



LG Display be spanking

LG Display be spanking Samsung, good on 'em! Can't wait for LG's 4K OLEDs in December; going to be fantastic rubbing it in Samsung fanboys faces. Looks like that $100M OLED buyout from Kodak was the smartest decision made in a very long time, give that orchestrator a raise!

Quantum dots...pfft... Still LCD at the end of the day... Still thick, not flexible, and what about that refresh rate?

When they get around to real consumer ready truly flexible tvs (so close, guessing 1-2 years), its going to be wonderful.

LG gen 8 fab is going to go along way towards driving OLED prices down. They get prices down to below the leftover plasmas (<2K for ~55 4K"), and all the prosumers are going come running, money in hand. But that is the key, no cheapy means no buy-y. How consumers can waste $$$ on stupid things but become the worlds most frugal scrooge when looking for the thing they sit in front for most of their day is beyond me.

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